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The Golden Retriever is a trusting and hardworking breed, and this is something we have a great focus on in our breeding. The breed is generally healthy, but is never a guarantee as they are living beings. We take their health seriously, and our dogs are tested for hereditary diseases and conditions, eyes checked by an authorized veterinarian and, of course, x-rays of the hips and elbows (HD/ED) are taken.


We prefer to be contacted by email from families interested in a puppy. We would like to learn about your living, work and family situation. How much will the puppy be alone on a normal weekday? What will an ordinary everyday life look like for the dog in the future? Have you had a dog before, or had any other experience with dogs? What activities do you imagine you could offer the dog? Is showing, obedience, agility, hunting etc. something that interests you? In the event of a change in living situation, how will this affect the dog? Remember to leave your phone number in the email so we can contact you :)


It costs to have a dog. Insurance and follow-up with a veterinarian are therefore a necessity.


We want to be available to our puppy buyers throughout the dog's life :)

Plans for 2023

This information is very limited on mobile, we recommend a PC or tablet to see all the information :)

Sommeren 2024

Born: June 13th 2021


ED: 0/0

PRA-1:+2 Clear by parentage

Øyne: Clear (2022)

ICT: Bærer

Dog info is coming




PRA 1+2: 



K9 test breeding

We are plannin a litter with out lovely Selma in the summer of 2024. Selma has had a successful showcareer winning cert/cc, reserve cert/cc and placing well in the bitchclasses. She's a calm girl, and very patient with two and four legged friends. We expect her to come into heat in may/june.

We are planning a litter with "Lilly" and "Titus" this winter 21/22.


Vestafjell's Elle's Daddy's Boy


Maybe Forever The One And Only


Terra di Siena Sunrise Sunrise


Terra di Siena Invictus du Bois de la Rayére

Majik Zia Monica

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