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Our story

The Glitrevarden dream started in 1979 when I was nine years old when I really became interested in dogs. Two years later my parents bought a beautiful golden bitch. She got me got to give the name Tinka (Lissi) . She was golden and good as the day was long. There were never any puppies on her, but I kept dreaming, burying my head in literature on dog keeping and breeding.  

I was born into a dog-loving family, which already had a German Shepherd boy named Keyen. Keyen was his father in one and all, but was very good at obeying our commands as well. From the moment I could talk, I gave commands like his deck and stay. Most of the time I did not even have to give verbal command to Keyen, he followed my slightest movement. He was an amazing boy!

Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 11.29.14.png

Irmelin and Keyen


I well remember the day Tinka (Lissi) was picked up. Me, mom and dad drove dad's concrete car to Flesland. By a separate small building, right next to the runway, I got a quiet beautiful little bundle in my arms. I was allowed to sit in the concrete truck with her, while mom and dad fixed the papers. Even before they returned, I had decided on her name! Because this little bundle reminded me of the golden puma in the Silver Arrow, a cartoon I loved as a child, and thus she got the name Tinka. Tinka turned out to cope with everything, she never raised her head if something fell to the floor. She dragged me and my siblings on sledges in the winter and bathed with us in the summer. I was responsible for airing her when I came home from school and until I went to bed. I went on trips with her all alone from when I was twelve / thirteen years old. 


Sheba (Kiæråsen's Queen Sheba) grew up with good-natured Tinka, she became quite soft and lovely too. We got Sheba three years after we got Tinka. The idea to get Sheba came because my father missed having a German Shepherd in the house. She came by train to Gol where we were on winter vacation. Sheba was a tough bitch and took good care of me. She loved wading in the water while Tinka bathed. My mother also took Sheba to the show, where she received CAC and was placed as number one in open class repeatedly!


After Sheba died it was very quiet in the house, we all missed having fur between our fingers! Maybe most of all me ... I have to admit that half-grown me insisted a little on mom and dad ... So one day it was decided that we should get a Golden again, but a boy this time, and not a puppy._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Rayban was a year and a half when we got him on relocation. We did not get the pedigree, but the previous owner said pedigree his name to me, but after many years it disappeared a bit from memory. Only thing I remembered was that the name started with "Rayban". Only many years later did I find him again on "dogweb" with a little help from my eldest daughter, where his name was "Rayban Av Skalle". It was heartwarming to see that he shares great-grandfather (Mjærumshøgda's Limelight)  with several of the girls we have now.

Beautiful Rayban with my oldest daughter Julie. 


Rayban Holmes


Over the years I have had several dogs, but neither males nor females were bred. My dream of becoming a breeder continued just as strongly, even after I got my own family. Then it happened that the family decided to get a new dog, and we agreed to get a Golden Retriever, Pia (Waterloo's Snow Princess of North) . It was decided from the time we got her that we would show her at exhibitions. The first exhibition she was shown was in Trondheim, exactly four months old. And the rest is history ...

Pia, Waterloo's Snow Princess Of North

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