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Waterloo's Snow Princess Of North

N UCH LUX CH Waterloo's Rock Around The Clock


Waterloo's You Take My Breath Away

Born February 16, 2015


The adventure started in earnest with our dear Pia. She is a versatile bitch. She thrives with all kinds of animals. She is often with my youngest daughter on horseback training. I have also trained blood tracks with her many times, in both rain and in strong sun, she has not lost track once!


  • Excellent JK / UK - 3.UKK


  • HD: A / A

  • ED: 0/0

  • prcd-PRA: Laboklin alear

  • PRA-1: Laboklin clear

  • PRA-2: Laboklin clear

  • Eyes: Cataract (not congenital) (2021)

  • ICT: Laboklin affected

  • DM: Laboklin clear

  • NCL: Laboklin clear

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