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Amilone Written in Stone

Belg JCh, Lux Ch, Swiss Sh Ch, Int Ch, CIE

Quite Some Legend of Sunshine's Valley


 Eng Sh Ch Aupa Dolcetto Di Amilone JW

Born February 9, 2019

I met Ruth Turner while on holiday in the UK some years ago. On that occasion I also met some of her bitches, one of them was Gina (Sh Ch Aupa Dolcetto Di Amilone). A gorgeous bitch with a lovely temperament. Back then I said I’d love a puppy after her, and two years later I noticed Gina was waiting puppies, one of them being Annie. Annie is very trusting, and loves everything fun.


  • Excellent JK / UK - 4.JKK, 4.UKK


  • HD: B / B

  • ED: 0/0

  • PRA-1: Clear by parentage

  • PRA-2: Clear by parentage

  • Eyes: Clear (2022)

  • ICT: Carrier (Laboklin)

Offspring after Annie

Some of the great dogs from the "Quite" litter, born 12 May 2021
Sire is NORD UCH Mobeewa's Dancing In The Street

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 13.54.24.png

Kylo, Glitrevardens Quite An Honor

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 14.02.04.png

Gustav, Glitrevardens Quite Handsome

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 13.51.16.png

Santi, Glitrevardens Quite A Legacy

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 14.09.06.png

Ellie, Glitrevardens Quite A Dancer

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